Emergencies can happen anytime even when you least expect it. That’s why it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the correct know-how to act quickly, stay alert, and keep yourself safe as well as others around you.

Roadrunner Alert

Roadrunner Alert is Dalton State College’s emergency notification system. It allows College officials to send critical information to the campus community through the use of text messages, voice messages, and emails.

Emergency Operations Plan

Dalton State’s Emergency Operations Plan establishes guidelines and procedures before, during, and after an emergency or a disaster. A copy of the plan is available on request from Public Safety.

University System of Georgia Active Threat Instruction – Plan/Prepare/React

The University System of Georgia Active Threat Instruction – Plan/Prepare/React is a training program that informs faculty, staff, and students on response options for active threat situations, as well as a variety of other emergency situations.

Run/Hide/Fight (Active Shooter)

Individuals should be prepared both mentally and physically when faced with an active shooter situation. If you hear shots fired within campus grounds or see an active shooter, remembering the “Run/Hide/Fight” protocol can help you quickly determine the best way to protect your life.

Need help? Contact Public Safety.

Phone: 706-272-4461
Location: Health Professions Building, Room 300