PACE Program

The PACE Program is founded upon intentionality, support, guidance, and opportunity in four areas. The goal of the program is to empower students to be successful at Dalton State College in the first year and beyond.
Primary Pillars

Set the PACE for Success

PACE stands for the four primary pillars of Dalton State’s commitment to first year students and their success. These pillars are strategically aligned to create an enhanced student experience.


This is our exciting first-year seminar with a myriad of diverse options based on a student’s major, focus area, or interest. Students delve into an academic theme with their peers and professor while unpacking the toolbox of what it takes to be a successful college student.


Advisors are allies who help students navigate college policies and procedures while providing guidance for making well-informed educational and career decisions.

Campus Resources

Students engage in a variety of resources for their success, including academic support, personal wellness, career counseling, and so much more. Rest assured that Dalton State will support you during your first year and beyond.


Students develop lifelong relationships and networks and excel at Dalton State by getting involved in Student Life, recreation, research opportunities, and so much more. Engagement is also about simply enjoying the college experience in a way that aligns with a student’s interest.

Setting the PACE

Join us on our journey to Set the PACE for Success!

Setting the Pace focuses on you, the incoming student, to help you succeed in your first year and set the PACE for the following years of study and engagement. This comprehensive approach includes academic advising, mentorship, workshops, and a range of activities tailored to meet the unique needs of each student, fostering a community that encourages learning, personal development, and success throughout the entire college journey.

The PACE Team

Learn about who serves on the PACE Team and how to get in contact.