While it is unlikely you’ll find yourself in an active shooter situation, it never hurts to be aware of what to do if it occurs.

What To Do in an Active Shooter Situation

An active shooter is any individual, or multiple individuals, actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined space or area. Active shooters typically use firearms and select victims at random. As such, active shooter situations are highly unpredictable and evolve rapidly.

Immediate deployment of law enforcement is typically required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims. However, it also critical that individuals are prepared both mentally and physically to deal with such a situation.

Active Shooter Desk Reference

Learn more about how to prepare for an active shooter situation, as well as how to respond when an active shooter is in your vicinity and what to do after law enforcement arrives.

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Active Shooter Pocket Reference Card

Use this active shooter preparedness pocket card as a quick reference on how to prepare for and respond to an active shooter situation.

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