The offices of Academic Affairs and Institutional Research conduct comprehensive Academic Program Reviews of degree and certificate programs every five years. Below are some Program Review resources:


Academic Program Review provides faculty and administrators with the opportunity to assess the relative value of academic programs in terms of viability, productivity and quality.


The Review focuses on assessing Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes, evaluating measures of effectiveness and program-level outcomes, appraising the use of assessment results for program improvement, reviewing the Program’s curriculum, identifying Program strengths and weaknesses and forming recommendations for follow-up and/or action plans.


Each program is reviewed once every five years at a minimum.


All active Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees and Certificate programs are included in the review cycle.


Each Program Review will adhere in style, form and content to the standard set by the Offices of Academic Affairs and Institutional Research and Planning.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs meets annually with the Dean of each School to select programs for review.

Completed Comprehensive Program Review

Associate Degrees
Bachelor Degrees