The Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) is the first national Latinx professional association in the United States established in 1972. ALPFA’s mission is to empower and develop Latinx people as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy through scholarships, career fairs, and mentorship opportunities. With over 92,000 professional and student members, the organization has expanded to include individuals from all backgrounds so that everyone can achieve the same goal and be successful in the global economy.

Dalton State’s Wright School of Business (WSOB) chapter is one of 45 student ALPFA chapters. The chapter hosts educational training events for members and provides job opportunities through numerous corporate partners. Mitch Sanford, executive vice president and senior credit officer of First Bank of Dalton and a WSOB alumnus, lends his expertise to the club. During previous presentations, Sanford provided numerous tips for their future career success. He stressed being involved on campus and completing an internship to obtain skills and experience to assist in seeking career employment and answered questions from business students about the world of banking. He explained how entrepreneurs are important to our economy and what role they play in our community. First Bank of Dalton hires many of WSOB graduates and alumni including Erwin Flores, a former president of the ALPFA Club, who is now a credit analyst at First Bank of Dalton.

ALPFA also assists with area school events. They host an annual booth at the Eastbrook Middle School in Dalton for their cultural festival each May; over 70 percent of Eastbrook’s student population is of Latinx descent. ALPFA’s booth helps answer key student questions of what it means to be a Latinx in the United States of America and highlights the successes of Latinx Leaders in our community.

Students interested in getting more information should contact Dr. Pat Ryle at [email protected], or 706-272-4572, or Gignilliat Hall room 203.