The Quad/Bell Tower, Westcott Lower Quad, Health Professions, Memorial Auditorium and Peeples Foyer are available for weddings and receptions based on the number of guests expected to attend. Facility Use Requests for weddings are made in the same manner outlined as for other events by submission of an online form at:   

A reservation for outdoor weddings in the Quad/Bell Tower area requires the reservation of a suitable indoor location for the ceremony as well in case of rain or of wet ground conditions of the Quad area. If there is any doubt of weather conditions at the time/date scheduled for the event, final decision about the location of the event will be made by10.00 am of the Friday before the weekend event.

Wedding reservations are tentative pending the receipt of a 50% facility fee deposit, a signed License Agreement, and a Certificate of Liability Insurance made out to Dalton State College as the certificate holder in the amount of a general aggregate of $3 million within six weeks of the reservation. The remaining facility fee amount must be received by two weeks prior to the date of the event. The scheduling of a wedding and/or reception will require at least two meetings with Event Management staff and event service providers for planning purposes.

If the wedding or reception will be set up and cleaned up by volunteers arranged by the bride and groom or an outside vendor, an additional $100 fee is required with the facility fee deposit to cover the cost of one custodian for final removal of trash, post event restroom cleaning, and vacuuming of inside areas.  The area in which the event is held must be returned to the state in which the facilities were upon arrival of the bridal volunteers or vendors in order to avoid further fees.  All decorations and personal property must be removed by the bridal volunteers and participants.  Any damage to the facilities will be reimbursed at cost to Dalton State.

Dalton State does not provide AV equipment, sound equipment, or decoration for weddings and receptions.  These services may be provided by bridal volunteers or off-campus vendors.  The use of Aladdin catering is required for campus events for all food and drinks except cake. Metz will also supply tablecloths, plates, and silverware. Please review information under Catering on Page1 of Exhibit A and Catering Exhibit E.

The fee for a wedding in the Quad/Bell Tower with set up and clean up by bridal volunteers and/or an outside vender (no DSC services) is $500.00 plus a $100.00 custodial fee (see explanation above).   Access to the restrooms in Pope Center is included.  Access to Eddie Miller Room for a Bride’s room may also be included if requested.

For an outdoor wedding with use of Dalton State chairs and tables in the Quad, the fee is

$750.00 and includes custodial services for setup or staging of furniture and cleanup assistance to bridal volunteers.  Access to restrooms and Eddie Miller Room in Pope Center for the bride and her attendants may be included if requested.

The fee for Westcott Lower Quad for a reception without use of Dalton State furniture or services is $200.00 plus a $100.00 custodial fee.  The fee with use of DSC tables and chairs is $500 and includes custodial services for setup or staging of furniture as well as cleanup assistance to bridal volunteers.  Access to the Westcott restrooms is included in the fee for the Westcott Lower Quad area.

The use of Upper and/or Lower Level Foyers of Health Professions in its current setup of tables, chairs, and couches is available for a fee of $450 plus a $100 Custodial Fee if setup and cleanup will be done by bridal volunteers or an outside vendor.  This fee includes use of the restrooms.  If additional tables and chairs, a custom setup, is needed and supplied by Dalton State the fee is $850 which includes custodial services, setup and take down of furniture, and use of restrooms. 

The use of Peeples Foyer which includes the use of the furniture already in the Foyer and the addition of food and drink food service tables is $400.  The Fee includes access of Peeples first floor restrooms and custodial services.

All rules, policies, and restrictions stated in this document also pertain to weddings and receptions. Any changes in pricing must be approved by the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs or the President of Dalton State College.

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