First Year Experience

A student's initial semester is perhaps the most vital

Dalton State College is committed to offering a welcoming atmosphere that will provide positive experiences and foster stronger sense of community. First Year Experience (FYE) supports this commitment through a wide range of activities, services and academic success strategies designed specifically for first-year students.


From Orientation to graduation, involvement in campus activities is key to creating and maintaining a sense of community with one's peers. During a typical year, FYE sponsors movies, lectures, art shows, food festivals and musical events.


Because the first-year students typically have different needs and concerns than more seasoned students, the FYE Coordinator and FYES1000 instructors serve as advocates to support student success, work with other campus departments, schedule tutoring, refer students to services and offer scheduling advice.

Questions?  Contact:

Coordinator of First Year Experience and Peer Instruction
Academic Resources, Pope Student Center, lower level

First Year Experience Seminar

First Year Experience Seminar (FYES1000) is an institutional requirement for all first-time, full-time, four year degree Dalton State College students. The course is designed to ease the transition into college. Students will learn how to balance new academic responsibilities with new freedoms through the use of time management techniques, study skills, academic planning and test taking strategies.

In addition, FYES1000 assists students in developing strategies and attitudes which maximize student success, to familiarize students with campus resources and to foster positive relationships with faculty, staff and peers. Students do receive a letter grade for FYES1000 and must complete the course successfully.

Students cannot withdraw from FYES1000 without dropping all classes.

Previous First Year Experience students have said:

“FYES helped me cope with unfamiliar surroundings.”
“I was able to connect with faculty and other students.”
“FYES made it easier to settle into a routine.”
“FYES helped prepare me for other classes

First Year Experience Resources

Contact Us

Name: Matthew Hipps
Director, First Year Experience
650 College Drive
Dalton, GA 30720
Email: mhipps@daltonstate.edu
Phone: 706-272-2676