Testing Center

The purpose of the Testing Center is to work collaboratively with both campus and community members to provide a secure and accessible environment for test takers to perform at their maximum ability. Our Testing Center adheres to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Standards and Guidelines. (Reviewed and Revised, 11/22/2016)

The Testing Center is operating on modified hours this semester due to the new work hours beginning January. Please be sure to check our hours out, for the semester before contacting us to schedule an appointment. 

Tests must be scheduled by 5 pm the day before the test (this does not include weekends). You cannot make an appointment until the test has been received in the Testing Center

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Please remember that you MUST have an appointment to test. Contact us at the information below.


Staff: Cathy Jackson
Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 103
Phone: 706-272-2606 / 706-272-4428
Email: testing_center@daltonstate.edu

We subscribe to professional standards from the National College Testing Association:

NCTA Professional