Career Services guides and assists students and alumni in developing and implementing their career, education, and employment plans, and links them to resources that assist in developing professional interests and competencies.  Career services serves as a resource to the college on workplace issues, employment, and workforce information.

Career Services seeks to implement this mission by providing a range of career services including:

1)       Career Counseling

2)      Career Planning

3)      Outreach Programming

Career Counseling

Career counseling provides the opportunity for a deeper level of self-discovery, based on the establishment of a professional counseling relationship. Career and personal development concerns beyond those included in career planning are explored.

Career Planning

Career planning services include an active provision of information designed to help the student with a specific need, such as review of a résumé; assistance in networking strategies; identification of occupations based on values, interests, skills, prior work experience, and/or other characteristics; support in the job-seeking process; and assessment by means of paper-based and/or online inventories of interest, abilities, personality, work-related values, and/or other characteristics.

Outreach Programming

Outreach programming focuses on the developmental needs of students in order to maximize the potential of all students to benefit from their academic experience, and transfer skills to the work environment.  There may be presentations, workshops, services as requested by classroom instructors, student organizations, and other groups.  Topics might include self-understanding, personality, networking, résumé’s, job search, Career Fairs, etc.


Pope Student Center, lower level                                                                             
Monday - Friday; 8-5 pm
706-272-4415 or