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What It Takes to Write a Trivia Book

In just a semester's time, six students have researched, written, and formatted an entire book. That's not an easy feat. 

The students are Jose Gonzalez, Meagan Standridge, Sean Self, Shelby Yarbrough, Monica Prince, and Brooklyn Hererra - and they're doing this for the Applied Research Methods course taught by Dr. Kris Barton. The book is "The Dalton State Trivia Book," which takes a look at the 50 years of Dalton State College. (It isn't available yet, but it will be in time for the College's 50th anniversary celebration, which begins in the fall.) The book was made possible thanks to a Campus Enrichment Grant from the Dalton State Foundation. 

The book is promised to challenge readers on the institution's history, faculty, alumni, buildings, and other topics. 

Questions include: "What is the name of the color of brick used on the outside of most of the college’s buildings?" "How many students graduated with certificates and associate degrees at Dalton Junior College’s first graduation ceremony?" and "What faculty member was the first recipient of the Dalton State Foundation’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2005?" 

Dr. Barton says you have to buy the book to find out the answers. He's not telling. 

The students involved have learned about what it takes to collaborate for a book. 

It takes compromise. 

It takes clear communication. 

It takes learning how to handle criticism. 

It takes several hours of work on a design that may not be chosen for the cover. 

But at the end of the semester, these six students will be able to take pride in their book. 

Who knows whose shelves it will end up on? 

posted 04/05/2016 in Academics



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