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7 Reasons to Love Metz Culinary Management

With Mashburn Hall and the renovations at Pope Student Center comes a new dining service - Metz Culinary Management. New dining services means new foods to try! Here are seven reasons to love Metz: 

1. Two words: Krispy Kreme

Without leaving campus. 

2. Grab and Go

Only have 10 minutes between classes? Grab a salad or sandwich.


3. Pizza!

Only the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love pizza more than college students, right? 


4. Service with a smile!

Life tip: Always make friends with the people who make your food.


5. The food looks and smells as delicious as it tastes. 

It still counts as a veggie when you add gooey cheese! 


6. Starbucks!

The only thing better would be an image of Rage on the cups. 


7. It's where the president eats. 

Speak to Dr. Venable. She likes getting to know students.

posted 01/14/2016 in Roadrunner Nation



Jacob Reeisen says:
The food has actually been really great,and it's cheaper than before! I just wish they would label the sauces on the salad bar and bring back the bowl of bacon at it.

Wesley Harkins says:
Metz is by far much better than oak wood was last semester. They offer a much better variety of choices and the prices are so much more reasonable. If they could label the dressings on the Salad bar that would be helpful though. Great job Metz!

Allison Currin says:
I miss oakwood! I usually don't even eat in the cafe anymore. And the Rage Cafe is ALWAYS out of white chocolate mocha, so I will probably start getting my coffee elsewhere. They have a lot of things to still work on. Disappointed.

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