Dalton State Enrollment Rises to More Than 5,000


Enrollment at Dalton State is on the rise again with more than 5,000 students enrolled for the first time in several years - and for the first time since the economic recession and since the College dropped its technical division to focus on baccalaureate programs.

“This represents a 3 percent increase in enrollment over last fall,” said Dr. Jodi Johnson, vice president for Enrollment and Student Services. “Also, our full-time enrollment is 5 percent more than last fall. This means students are taking more credit hours on average and spending more time on campus.”

This is the first time since fall 2010 Dalton State has increased in enrollment.

“We believe the increase can be attributed to a number of positive changes occurring on campus,” Johnson said. “We continue to add new baccalaureate programs. Our 20th bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Applied Finance and Economics, was just approved two weeks ago. In the last two years we have constructed a new science building, Peeples Hall, and we’re currently completing the renovation of our health professions building. We are in the process of building a new 350-bed residence hall at Roadrunner Place, slated to open next fall. Our newly renovated Pope Student Center should be complete then as well. The winning records of our various Roadrunner sports teams have also helped spread the word and introduce Dalton State to a whole new group of prospective students.”

In addition to general enrollment rising, Dalton State’s Hispanic population stands at 23.5 percent. At 25 percent, Dalton State will be given the federal designation Hispanic Serving Institution, which makes Dalton State eligible for grant dollars to benefit the entire student population. The College is on track to be the first in Georgia to reach this designation.

Dual enrollment – in which high school students take courses at the college level – has reached the approximately 250, which represents a 57 percent increase over dual enrollment last fall. More classes are being offered at high schools in the area.

“Our increase in enrollment is yet another indication that everyone can see it is a good time to be at Dalton State,” said Dr. Margaret Venable, interim president of Dalton State. “The academic programs, the campus culture, and the activities along with the faculty, staff, and current students combine to create an environment that is inviting to others. Recruiting, enrolling, and retaining students involves a lot of hard work, and I am glad to celebrate the positive outcomes of the efforts of many here at Dalton State.”

University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby took a moment to celebrate the milestone with student leaders during a visit to Dalton State last week. Faculty, staff, and students celebrated the milestone on Wednesday on the Burran Bell Tower quad.