Dalton State Trail System Named


The hiking trails at Dalton State College have been an asset to the community for several years.

And now, they have a name.

The approximately three-miles of trails will be known collectively as the Roadrunner Trail System.

“In coming up with a name for the network of trails, those of us involved wanted to keep it simple and also clearly link it to our college,” said Dr. John Lugthart, a professor of biology who oversees the trails. “So, we think the Roadrunner Trail System fits the bill. Plus, we think the RTS abbreviation has a nice ring to it.”

There are three trails – Big Rock Trail, College Creek Trail, and the Cascade Trail – that wind through the ridge behind campus. The RTS is open to the public.

Interpretive signs mark the trails to let hikers know what fauna and flora are there. Features include varieties of ferns, wildflowers, wild berries, streams, the American chestnut tree, and a cascade.

“I think providing the College’s group of hiking trails a name makes it 

convenient when referring to them and gives them recognition as a significant asset of the Dalton State campus,” Lugthart said. “Whether for fitness, nature education, or just to enjoy the peace and beauty of the forested ridge, we encourage everyone to visit the RTS. Also, within the coming year, we plan to begin construction of a new trail and welcome anyone who would like to help with this project.”

More information will be available on the new trail when plans have been complete.