Local artist paints new Dalton State mural downtown


Dalton now boasts another mural overlooking the historic downtown district. Local artist Henry Green recently completed the 90-foot-by-12-foot work of art on the south side of the Affordable Sales building at 309 N. Hamilton St. Passersby can admire the mural as they drive east on the Waugh Street bridge.

The mural, sponsored by Dalton State College Athletics, depicts athletes playing tennis, soccer, basketball, cross country, golf, and volleyball and cheerleading. Rage the Roadrunner bursts forth from the wall, clutching the Dalton State Athletics logo in his talon.

This piece of art is part of the 1000 Words Dalton Public Art Project, a volunteer-driven initiative to promote and accelerate the growth of public art in Dalton. The group partners local artists with the funding, locations, and community volunteers to create murals and sculpture around town.

“It is true: a picture is worth 1000 words,” said Jon Jaudon, Interim Athletic Director for Dalton State. “This mural speaks for all in this community who fought to see athletics return to Dalton State. It is a constant reminder of what a community can accomplish when they come together, united, around a common cause. Seeing the mural is an honor for all who support athletics at Dalton State, past, present and future.”  

For more information about the 1000 Words Dalton Public Art Project, visit www.1000wordsdalton.com. To stay up to date on news about Dalton State Athletics, visit www.dsroadrunners.com