Health Initiative Under Way


Dalton State is up and moving this spring.

In an attempt to maintain a positive well-being and encourage healthy habits, the college’s employees are participating in the University of Georgia’s HealthTrails Challenge.

The holistic health challenge, which kicked off this month, focuses on three areas: steps walked, water consumed, and acts of kindness.  

“Depending on the employee’s job, it is easy for the day to go by with very little movement,” said Lori McCarty, director of Human Resources. “We are providing opportunities that allow employees to come together for short periods of time to get some movement in their day. We will provide a water station filled with fruit to encourage more water consumption. Throughout this six-week challenge we hope to help employees improve and develop healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime.”

The healthy initiative kicked off with a Walk with the President. Led by Dr. Margaret Venable and Rage, the Roadrunner mascot, several dozen members of the faculty and staff and some students enjoyed a 20-minute walk on a mild spring afternoon.

Several 10-20 minute walks are being led each week throughout the challenge to get employees moving and on the path to healthy habits.