Dalton State Receives New Scholarship Endowment from Alumna


Barbara Shiffler is a championship quilter. 

She is visionary – a quilt requires thoughtful planning. She is artistic – a quilt requires knowledge of color and pattern. She is precise – every quilt stitch has to be in the right place and done in the right way. 

The prize ribbons she has earned for her quilting over the years attest to the artistic vision and precision she brings to bear on each of her quilt creations. 

She deployed the same traits when she and her husband, Ronald Shiffler, recently made a major gift to endow and establish the Barbara ’76 and Ron Shiffler Scholarship in Accounting and Finance for students majoring in the two disciplines in Dalton State’s Wright School of Business. 

“We are humbled and honored once again by Barbara’s and Ron’s vision for Dalton State and by their expression of that vision through their philanthropy for the benefit of our students,” Dalton State Foundation Director David Elrod says. “When the Shifflers endowed the Barbara Shiffler ’76 Award for Business Teaching several years ago, it was the first endowed teaching award in Dalton State’s history, and it is still the only endowed faculty award on campus. Now they’ve followed it up with this latest endowment for scholarships. It takes vision to craft something like what they’re doing at Dalton State, and we are thrilled that Barbara and Ron have made these investments in our students and faculty.”

Barbara Shiffler, a 1976 graduate of the College, was named the Outstanding Student in Accounting then.

“I didn't grow up in the lap of luxury, so I know how much financial help can mean,” Barbara Shiffler says now. “Some of today's students are facing the same challenges Ron and I did: trying to afford tuition and books while working and supporting themselves.

“With our help, and that of other donors, students may have one less challenge to overcome. We are so happy to see students graduating from Dalton State. And when it comes to that degree: once earned, forever yours.”

“Scholarships at Dalton State are of prime importance given that more than two-thirds of our students require need-based financial aid in order to attend here,” Elrod said. “And coupled with the fact that more than half our students are the first in their families to attend college, that makes for a compelling story. We are fortunate that alumni and friends like Barbara and Ron Shiffler have targeted their giving here to make an impact at Dalton State and address that need.”

Individuals or corporations wishing to learn more about scholarship opportunities at Dalton State may contact the Dalton State Foundation at 706-272-4473.