Dalton State's TAC Honored


Dalton State’s Turtle Assurance Colony caretaker team was recently recognized at the Ecumenical Earth Day celebration with the Community Caretaker award for all they are doing to save endangered species of turtles.

The Ecumenical Earth Day is hosted by several area churches annually.

TAC houses 10 species of endangered turtles. Dr. John Lugthart, professor of biology, and Chris Manis, a part-time instructor and research associate, lead a team of students in caring for the animals.

“All of us who are part of the TAC team are honored to have received this award,” Lugthart said. “Our student assistants work very hard to give our endangered turtles the best care possible and to help educate others about these fascinating creatures.”

Pictured from left with turtles are students Carrie Swinney, Allison Ault, Daley Harrison, and Kaytlin Pepper. In back are Manis, left, and Lugthart.