WSOB Student Provides Support Through Pandemic


Kristy Hewitt has been finding a way to balance higher work demands due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with family responsibilities.  

Hewitt, an accounting major in Dalton State’s Wright School of Business graduating this week, has been praised for going above and beyond right now. She just wrapped up her final semester of college, is a mother, runs her own business and works at Solution Designed Products, Inc. (SDP), a fabric and fiber products company.  

Jason Goldberg, president of SDP, understands the work of today is invaluable to solving the problems of tomorrow. SDP is working to supply healthcare providers and government agencies with face masks, often resulting in 20-22 hours of nonstop work. Goldberg praises Hewitt for her impact during this pandemic.  

“She has knowingly sacrificed her personal well-being to provide much needed support to our customers, vendors, partners and me,” he said.  

Goldberg knows there is a long road ahead but entrusts his employees like Hewitt to continue the strong fight.  

“We are not past this yet, but I can assure you if not for her, we would not be making the impact we are,” he said.   

Dr. Marilyn Helms, dean of the Wright School of Business, knows how dedicated Hewitt is in all aspects of her life.  

“She keeps many plates spinning,” Helms said. “She’s a strong role-model and exemplifies the traits of our WSOB students who manage to compartmentalize their days to excel on many fronts in their lives.”  

Hewitt believes Dalton State has demonstrated their “mission, vision and values” during this pandemic. 

“I am extremely proud to be a part of this and show my leadership skills I have learned here,” she said. “Dalton State helps build confidence and realize your potential.” 

Hewitt acknowledges her peers and faculty members for also stepping up to go above and beyond.  

“Difficult times bring new challenges and lessons,” she said. “Human health and the environment are in crisis while businesses are facing tough times. But together we can create a better future when we move together and are helping each other. This creates value that lasts for years.”