Social Work Senior Cohort used Grant for Hands-on Learning


*Note photos in this news story submitted by School of Health Professions.

The Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW) received a mini-grant from the Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center earlier this year. Funds from the grant were used by the BSW 2022 senior cohort to host a community event where students collected data and connected with local community members.

Students developed a community needs assessment to gather data at an event held for  Beechland Community residents earlier this month. The Beechland Community is a public housing community supported by Dalton Housing Authority.

“The community event, along with door-to-door canvassing, allowed the students to connect with over 150 Beechland residents,” Tammy Rice BSW program director and associate professor of social work said.

The event was part of the senior cohort’s year-long work on their 2022 capstone research project. Findings from their research “will be shared with the community, other service agencies and donors to help shape service provision for the Beechland community and other communities in Dalton,” Rice said.

Students from the junior BSW cohort and current LPN students volunteered to assist senior BSW students at the event.

“The LPN students provided educational activities for the children in attendance. Their engagement with the youngsters from the neighborhood freed up parents to participate in the surveying efforts,” Rice said. “The participation of the junior social work students and the LPN students helped make the event a successful one.”

“This type of hands-on community practice and research and cross-academic program cooperation is typical of programs in the School of Health Professions,” said Rice. “We are proud of our students and invite others who want to be change agents in our community to check out Dalton State and the School of Health Professions.