Dalton State Foundation announces scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year


The Dalton State Foundation hosted its annual Scholarship Day in April where it presented scholarships to students for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

“Scholarship Day is one of the ways we publicly recognize philanthropy’s impact here at Dalton State,” said David Elrod, director of the Dalton State Foundation.  “These donors have enabled us to provide this financial support for our students, and it is our way of thanking them for their vision and their investment in the academic careers of promising students who will graduate and become productive citizens and professionals in our communities.” 

In addition to Scholarship Day this year, one of the foundation’s special initiatives was a scholarship in honor of retired president Margaret Venable who stepped down on May 31 after eight and a half years as Dalton State president. 

“At Dr. Venable’s inauguration in 2016, we raised $61,000 in less than 24 hours to establish the Margaret H. Venable Scholarship in Chemistry Endowment Fund,” Elrod said. “When we were planning her retirement celebration this spring, she said, ‘Don’t make this about me, make it about the college,’ so that’s what we did: we just added to the scholarship in her name so more students could receive financial assistance since that’s what she loves most – seeing students succeed and thrive here.” 

Elrod said new gifts from Venable’s friends and colleagues have pushed the Venable Scholarship Endowment Fund to more than $221,000. 

“It’s the best kind of retirement gift for our departing president. As she said to me when we announced the scholarship for her in 2016, an endowed scholarship in her name ensures that her impact here will endure far after she is gone,” Elrod said. 

Donors wishing to support the Venable Scholarship may do so online at www.daltonstate.edu/giving or by calling the Dalton State Foundation at 706-272-4473.


Scholarship Day Photo Gallery


Dalton State Foundation Scholarship Recipients for 2023-2024

Advanced Insurance Strategies Scholarship in Finance & Applied Economics – Jessica Kean

Alliance for Innovation & Sustainability Scholarship in Environmental Studies – Karol Viniegra

American Legion Post 112 Scholarship – Bradley Smith

Anthony & Barbara Kertulis Scholarship – Garret McAllister

Arthur B.E. Lauman Scholarship in Nursing – Ashley Sarwar

Arvine Phelps Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics – Memphis Poston

Bank of America Scholarships – Kayleigh Dickerson, Memphis Duisen, Carli Gazaway, Neyra Ramirez, Gage Waters

Barbara '76 & Ronald Shiffler Scholarship in Accounting & Finance – Camilla Ware

Beatrice P. & Emory B. Grant Scholarship – Alyson Cruse

Bitsy & Stuart McFarland Scholarship – Ivania Trevino

Bob E. Knisley Scholarship in English – Mackenzie Guinn

Brown-Whitworth Foundation Scholarships – Lizet Fernandez, Guadalupe Gomez, Raul Hernandez, Miriam Trujillo, Abby Warren

Buchanan Family Scholarship – Moriah Silvers

Carlton Candler McCamy Memorial Scholarships – Jessica Cervantes, Hannah Dinkins, Emelyn Vieyra

Charles Edward Wood & Belle Wills Wood Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry – Catherine Romo

City of Dalton Public Safety Scholarship – Samuel Eaton

Craig Catlett Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Technology – Christopher Gomez

Dalton-Whitfield-Murray Retired Educators Association Scholarships in Education – Brisa Ortiz, Emma Owens, Elizabeth Reyes, Baylee Stafford

David E. Pennington III '74 Scholarships – Mailey Buzzell, Nathan Schmelz

Derrell C. Roberts Memorial Scholarship in History – Erica Perez

Dexter Raj Kapur '14 Scholarship in Criminal Justice – Erlinda Vicente

Dixie Hasty Kinard Scholarship – Mario Coria

Donald Edward Davis Scholarship in Environmental Studies – Amanda York

Donna Bentley Memorial Scholarships in Psychology – Sabrina Cruz, Courtney Yancey

Doris Shoemaker Memorial Scholarship in Health Professions – Mackenzie Manley

Emily W. Lamb Memorial Scholarships in Nursing – Sheryl Newport, Victor Patino

F. Harvey Howalt Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry – Luis Garcia Geraldino

F. Paul & Peggy R. Belk Scholarship in STEM – Garrett Newell

Fincher-Loughridge Scholarships in Education – Alexis Hancock, Cheyanne Hodges, Ciara Horner, Jessie Human, Destiny Medina, Belen Saavedra, Kara Steele, Peyton Warnix, Logan Waters, Shalee Westfelt

George L. Jones Scholarship in History – Seth Maton

Gibb Watts Memorial Scholarships – Joshua Perea, Linda Zapata

Goizueta Foundation Scholarships – Leydi Ballesteros, Ashley Cabrera, Kaleb Ceja, Kevin Diaz, Karina Mendoza, Alan Viniegra

Hal Long '70 & Brenda Long Scholarship in Business – Monse Reyes

Hispanic/Latino Social Work Scholarship – Karen Vargas

Ibrahim Awad '07/Awad Law Firm Scholarships – Heavenly Standridge, Tucker Trivette

J. Donald Bowen Scholarship in Management – Kylie Hinton

James E. Brown Scholarship – Alex Whaley

James M. "Jim" Aaron Scholarship in Accounting – Emory Dunn

James Thomas Pope Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice – Kevin Diaz

Jayden LaVan Chatmon Scholarship in Nursing – Lauren Fleming

Jennie Fuquea Cleveland '08 Memorial Scholarship in Nursing – Halle Keeler

Jerry L. Clements '69 Scholarship – Bailey Mann

John A. Hutcheson Jr. Scholarship in History – Jonathan Fleming

John H. "Jack" Frank Scholarship in Chemistry – Jeffrey Noriega

Johnnie & Peter Bakkum Scholarship in Social Work – Jennifer Dawson

Jolly Family Scholarships in Science & Mathematics – Nour Issa, Brenda Joaquin, Emilie Leyssens, Jennifer Lopez-Rodriguez, Mariana Marquires, Breanna Merriman, Celeste Ramirez, Christianna Taylor, Jenni Torres, Manuela Toxtle Cuautle

Jonathan Ashly Adcock Memorial Athletic Scholarship – Brooke Alvarez

June Sparks Scholarship in Mathematics – Jonathan Vargas-Quijano

Kate McMillan Daniel Memorial Scholarship for Teachers – Jessica Crabtree

Ken '88 & Lori Cyree Scholarship in Business – Yesenia Sanchez

Ken White Scholarship in Accounting – Mikayla Hixon

Kenneth E. & Dottie S. Boring Scholarships in Health Professions – Dezirea Beavers, Yolanie Cotto-Skerret, Emma Cate Dendy, Gracie Grant, Emilee Hewitt, Isaias Nunez, Jessica Palmerin, Sharon Sanchez, Angel Smith, Shana Tanksley

Kevin Doheny Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics – Colby Jones

Kinetic by Windstream Scholarship – Savannah Jones

Kiwanis Club of Dalton / Dr. Earl McGhee Scholarship – Mackenzie Manley

Kristin M. Barton Memorial Scholarship in Communication – Anthoni McDaniel

Larry & Kathy Johnson Scholarship for Student Leadership – Edwin Andrade

Larry W. Cooper Scholarship in Education – Mattie Dollar

Laurie Jones White Memorial Scholarship in English – Emily Bradshaw

Leon Bouckaert Memorial Scholarship – Carissa Stone

Margaret H. Venable Scholarship in Chemistry – Austin Poll

Maria Carolina Duarte Hammontree Memorial Scholarship in Business – Nohemi Ramirez

Mary M. "Sis" Brown Scholarship – Chelsi Dill

Mayor's Scholarships – Kade Harrod, Joshua Hooton, Fernanda Hurtado Cruz, Patton Pickard, Yaphet Salgado

Micah Alline Dembele Scholarship in Nursing – Jeffrey Medlin

Michael & Kathy Hoff Scholarship in Psychology – Kirsten Fowler

Minor Family Scholarship in Nursing – Katie Bowen

Murray Scholarships – Bradley Bain, Jaqueline Gurrola, Cesar Lara, Rachel Moffett, Sarah Walker

National Board for Respiratory Care Scholarships – Madison Doane, Reyna Flores, Ronald King, Micah Manley, Alex Pellecer

Norris & Billie Little Scholarships – Karla Alvarez, Claire Sloan

North Georgia National Bank Scholarships – Alexander Pulido, Sarah Seeman

Northwest Georgia Transportation Club Scholarship in Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Leslie Coleman

Patricia McGuire White Memorial Scholarship in Biology – Gianny Valenzuela

Pete Gunn Memorial Scholarship – Austin Reeves

RAHYE Foundation Scholarship in Nursing – Abigail Gribble

Raiford McDonald Memorial Scholarship in Business – Paige Miles

Ratner Foundation Scholarships in Health Professions – Celene Aguilar, Brooke Alvarez, Kristin Chason, Becky Daniels, Paxton Grimes, Heather Hardy, Ashley Hartness, Raven Hobbs, Sarah Hull, Josephine Malamula, Christina Ringer, Kiesha Sanders, Melissa Trujillo-Martinez

Residents of Royal Oaks Scholarship – Ashley Fraire

Richard F. Collison Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry – Dhruvi Patel

Rita Salazar Scholarship – Andrea Dickson

Robert W. Kinard Scholarship – Mindy McDaniel

Ron Arnold Memorial Scholarships in Communication – Maria Garcia, Jewel Tamayo

Ronald S. Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Nursing – Sara Taylor

Rotary Club of Dalton Scholarship – Mackenzie Tisdale

Run for John Memorial Scholarships – Giselle Dominguez, Alistair Eaves

Ruth C. Boyle Scholarship in Social Work – Kailee Thomison

Ryan Allan Acree Memorial Scholarship – Clayton Waters

Shaheen Family Scholarships – Anthony Cruz-Delabra, Lauren Finney, Kendra Goble, Kevin Jones, Jesus Lopez, Marcos Morales, Jerron Phifer

Sharon C. Cooper Scholarship in Accounting – Samantha Poore

Sherry S. Patterson Scholarships in English & Mathematics – Daniel Frausto, Brandi Harper

Spence Higgins, Jr., Memorial Scholarship – Megan Nixon

Stan & Janet Goodroe Scholarships – Vannessa Garcia, Isaac Jones, Logan Pavlik

Susan Ritchie Second Chance Scholarship – Mackenzie Manley

Terri Henderson Neal RN Scholarship in Nursing – Kimberly Chandler

Terry L. Christie Scholarships in History & Politics – Shelby Hearn, Abbi Holloway

Tom Deaton Scholarship for Student Leaders – Ashley Fraire

Tom W. & Jeannette A. Greeson Scholarships – Makenzie Bailey, Alex Isaola, Kalina Janssen, Bernice Kumnick, Lisbeth Paniagua, Pratham Patel, Destiney Phillips, Cindy Plascencia, Lexie Walker, Isaiah Waterhouse

Tony Ingle Memorial Basketball Scholarship – Donavan Miller

Wacker Chemical Company Scholarships in Biology & Chemistry – Brendan Roth, Mary Stevenson

Walter M. & Fannie B.H. Jones Scholarship – Sandra Rodriguez

Wayne E. Bell Memorial Scholarship in Humanities – Chanity Brannon

Wells Fargo Scholarships in Business – Emma Garland, Alex Huijon, Christopher Hyde, Emma Mount

White Family Foundation Scholarship – Viviana Huijon

Winifred Clay Memorial Scholarships in STEM – Karah Beard, Karla Hernandez

Yvonne Hill Hawkins Memorial Scholarship in Nursing – Mikala Carlson