Roadrunner Photo Roundup: Fresh Check Day Edition

Roadrunner Photo Roundup: Fresh Check Day Edition

Dalton State hosted our first Fresh Check Day last week. The event was to help raise awareness of mental health and provide resources for students… Read More

ThrowKindnessDSC: Spreading Positive Messages Across Campus

Research tells us that kindness and gratitude can increase happiness, reduce stress and give us a more positive outlook on our own circumstances. Students in… Read More

Roadrunner Photo Roundup: Back to School Edition

Dalton State is grateful to be fully open and back together again for the first time since March 2020. Fall semester kicked off last week… Read More

New Beginnings: Advice for Living on Campus

Moving away from home and living on campus is a new and exciting adventure for most students, but it comes with a lot of unknowns. Read More

Roadrunner Photo Roundup: Spring Fling Edition

Even with the ongoing pandemic, Dalton State was able to hold a safe and fun annual tradition last week. Here are some highlights from Spring… Read More

First-Person Pandemic Reflection

In the beginning, when hearing about classes being moved online I was excited for what I thought would feel like a long spring break. Instead,… Read More

Professor’s Work Cited in Newly Published Textbook

For all the outstanding work our educators do in transforming the lives of their students, it is sometimes easy to forget that many professors are… Read More