In order to register as a Dalton State eCore student, you must be fully accepted to Dalton State. You will be assigned an academic advisor upon acceptance to the college.

Complete Steps 1 – 5 before registering for an eCore course

  1. Determine with your academic advisor if an online class (eCore) format is appropriate for you.
  2. Verify with your academic advisor that the eCore course/s you intend to take will apply towards your program of study and graduation status
  3. Obtain “permission to register” from your academic advisor
  4. Complete and submit the eCore Introduction Quiz at the following link : Click here for the quiz. 
  5. After completing the eCore Introduction Quiz, you will receive an email notification within 48 hours from [email protected] outlining additional information. (Elizabeth Chadwick, Dalton State College eCore liaison).

Please note: You will not immediately be able to register for an eCore course. You will not be able to register until after completing the eCore Introduction Quiz, receiving email notification from Holli Goodwin, and permission to register from your academic advisor.

How to find eCore courses and eCore registration

You may view the eCore schedule on the main eCore website at the following link:
You may view the corresponding classes and find the specific Course Reference Number (CRN) from the Dalton State “Class Schedule” via MyDaltonState.

After determining your eCore classes and obtaining the specific CRN, you can register for classes via MyDaltonState/Student and Financial Aid Menu

Please note: although you can view eCore classes from the eCore website, you will not be able to log into eCore until a few days prior to the beginning of the semester.