Creating a GaCollege411 Account
  • In the box labeled “SHORTCUTS” on the right side of the page, click the “Georgia Scholarship/Grant Application (GSFAPPS)” link
  • On the login page, log into your account or click “Create an Account”
Creating an Account
  • Choose your current grade level or student status
  • Enter your birth date and the school you currently or previously attended
  • Enter your Account Information and click “Create Your Account”
Completing the HOPE Application – GSFAPPS
  • Continue and select “Use Information from My Profile”
  • Click “apply Online Now” at the left of the page
  • Click “Submit New Application”
  • Select the programs you wish to apply for
  • When the box pops up explaining the program, be sure to check the box labeled “APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM”
  • Click “Submit” and continue filling in all required information
  • Review your information and submit
What if I forget my GaCollege411 password?

If you forget your password, call the Technical Support line at 1-800-468-6927.