Roadrunner Student Ambassadors are passionate about Dalton State, and want to share their experiences with potential students! The Ambassadors serve as our campus tour guides, along with assisting in the Office of Enrollment Services. Many times, our Ambassadors are the first person that a potential student will interact with on our campus. They have the opportunity to be the reason a student chooses to become a Roadrunner!

Meet the Team

Administrative Coordinator – 2nd Year Ambassador

Major: English-Secondary Education
Spirit animal? Mrs. G from Freedom Writers
Favorite Ambassador Moment? The tours! I really enjoy meeting the prospective students and their families and sharing my love and experiences of DSC with potential new Roadrunners. However, the best part is when they discover their own love for Dalton State and become a part of the Roadrunner Nation family.
Something surprising about you? Although I am considered the “mom” of every group I am in, I actually don’t have any kids!
Advice for future Roadrunners? Get involved! During my first few years at DSC, I would only attend classes at Dalton State. I was miserable. However, I decided to get involved with Enrollment Services and The Office of Dean of Students, and it completely transformed my college experience. I’ve met so many awesome people who are genuinely passionate about this institution. Dalton State is now my second home, and I never want to leave!

Activities Coordinator – 2nd Year Ambassador

Major: English
Spirit animal? Tyler Perry’s Madea
Favorite Ambassador Moment? There are countless memories! However, one of my favorites was pranking our supervisor, Katelyn, by turning everything in her office upside down.
Something surprising about you? Despite sharing the same birthday as Albert Einstein, I am horrible at math! Also, I am allergic to cinnamon, sadly.
Advice for future Roadrunners? Despite the challenges you will face, remember you are here for a reason and everything happens for a reason!

Task Coordinator – 2nd Year Ambassador

Major: English-Secondary Education
Spirit animal? The song ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay
Favorite Ambassador Moment? Giving a tour to an out-of-state student and seeing her buy a DSC shirt to wear for her senior pictures. It made me realize that I was actually impacting someone’s life in a positive way as an Ambassador!
Something surprising about you? I have never been on an airplane!
Advice for future Roadrunners? Get involved on campus! It truly makes a difference in your college experience.

2nd Year Ambassador

Major: Marketing
Spirit animal? If Beyoncé and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a baby, that would be me.
Favorite Ambassador Moment? When students from my past tours see me on campus and say “Hey! You gave me a tour, and that’s why I’m here!”
Something surprising about you? In Malaysia, I was a teacher in the morning, and a singer at night!
Advice for future Roadrunners? Get to know your professors! They want to know you too.


Major: English-Secondary Education
Spirit animal? Goat.
Favorite Dalton State Moment? The BCM bonfires, and watching Dalton State Basketball win the National Championship!
Something surprising about you? I’m an extremely picky eater!
Advice for future Roadrunners? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things. Don’t get caught up in the busyness of school or life… take time to experience life and what you are doing!


Major: Biology
Spirit animal? Olaf!
Favorite Dalton State Moment? On the first day of school of freshman year, I went to the wrong class… and stayed the entire time.
Something surprising about you? I plan on learning five different languages throughout my life!
Advice for future Roadrunners? Get involved! The more you attend DSC activities, the more you enjoy your college years. There is more to college than just simply going to class.


Major: English
Spirit animal? Armadillo
Favorite Dalton State Moment? My favorite moment was when I first stepped foot on the campus. I knew I was taking the first step into making my future better, and I knew I was on the right path.
Something surprising about you? I absolutely love Kaiju movies and TV shows. My all-time favorite is the series Iron King.
Advice for future Roadrunners? Stop and breathe. Take time to chill out. Everything will be okay.


Major: Management Information Systems
Spirit animal? a Unicorn, of course!
Favorite Dalton State Moment? Going white water rafting last August. I hate the outdoors…I’m a complete homebody. But it was awesome! That trip was a great bonding experience with people that are now my close friends. Also, I realized I have a little love for river rafting. Who knew?!
Something surprising about you? I don’t like dogs. However, I have a dog and I love her to death!
Advice for future Roadrunners? Always have an open mind and heart. Be open to new experiences even if it puts you out of your comfort zone (i.e. river rafting). You never know what could happen!