Comprehensive Program Review

The offices of Academic Affairs and Institutional Research conduct comprehensive Academic Program Reviews of degree and certificate programs every five years. Below are some Program Review resources:

Purpose: Academic Program Review provides faculty and administrators with the opportunity to assess the relative value of academic programs in terms of viability, productivity and quality.

Characteristics: The Review focuses on assessing Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes, evaluating measures of effectiveness and program-level outcomes, appraising the use of assessment results for program improvement, reviewing the Program's curriculum, identifying Program strengths and weaknesses and forming recommendations for follow-up and/or action plans.

Timing: Each program is reviewed once every five years at a minimum.

Academic Program: All active Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees and Certificate programs are included in the review cycle.

Content: Each Program Review will adhere in style, form and content to the standard set by the Offices of Academic Affairs and Institutional Research and Planning.

Process: The Vice President for Academic Affairs meets annually with the Dean of each School to select programs for review.

Completed Comprehensive Program Review


Associate Degrees

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