Writing Lab

Writing Lab Mission Statement

The goals of the Writing Lab are to offer assistance, tutoring, and support for all levels of English composition courses; to assist students in preparation for end-of-term English and reading exit tests; and to provide assistance with advanced writing tasks for all subject areas throughout the college.

Services to Students and Faculty

The Writing Lab is located in the Liberal Arts Building in room 315. The Writing Lab offers assistance and tutoring for all levels of English composition courses, preparation for end-of-term English and Reading College Placement Exams, and assistance with advanced writing tasks for all subjects throughout the college (including assistance with literature reviews, research/term papers, reports, documentation, and bibliography/reference citations).

In addition, the Writing Lab has software programs to help students prepare for end-of-term exit exams for Developmental English and Developmental Reading. The Writing Lab also has a variety of software programs including Writer's Resources, Glencoe Interactive Grammar, Preparing for Placement and Exit Tests (Reading and English), Building Basic Composition Skills (for students who need help with writing and editing topic sentences; with paragraph support, unity, and coherence; with audience and purpose; and with diction, style, and sentence structure) and Building English Language Skills (for students who want to improve their understanding of standard English grammar and usage).  In addition, the Writing Lab computers have practice COMPASS English and reading tests.

Hours for Spring Semester

Monday 8:00-7:00
Tuesday 8:15-7:00
Wednesday 8:00-7:00
Thursday 8:00-7:00

Note: The Writing Lab closes on the last day of classes each term.

Writing Lab Staff

Ms. Leslie Taylor, Writing Lab Coordinator
Ms. Betty Bates, Writing Lab Instructor
Ms. Janie Spataro, Writing Lab Instructor
Ms. Alicia Alderman, Writing Lab Instructor

Faculty Volunteers

Dr. Mary Nielsen
Ms. Regina Ray
Ms. Janice Bolding
Dr. Barbara Murray
Ms. Jane Taylor
Dr. Elizabeth Dunaway
Dr. Cicero Bruce
Dr. Natalie Trice
Dr. Wes Davis
Dr. Kent Harrelson
Dr. Keith Perry
Ms. Kelley Mahoney
Dr. Lydia Postell


Tutoring and Supplemental InstructionOffice of Academic Resources

Writing Lab Tour Video

Writing/English Practice

Practice English/Writing
**NOTICE: Requires at least Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. Download now(23.7 MB)**
This link will take you to four interactive COMPASS practice passages.  The best approach to these COMPASS practice passages is to click on every sentence--even if you think there are no errors.  Then, look at the response choices to see whether the choices can help you find a possible mistake.  When you have finished correcting the entire passage, reread the passage keeping verb tense shifts in mind.  Once you are satisfied that you have found all of the mistakes, click on "I am finished; show my score."  Your goal is to achieve at least a 70%.  If you would like additional help with these practice passages or if you would like to see the "correct" responses, please come to the Writing Lab.

Reading COMPASS Practice
(also useful for the Regents' Reading Test)

ACT Practice Reading Tests This link takes you to 20 practice reading comprehension tests.
COMPASS English, Reading, and Math Practice This link takes you to sites that offer practice for the English, reading, and math portions of the COMPASS.
OSU-OKMULGEE: READING STRATEGIES & DIAGNOSTIC (Reading Passage) This link takes you to a practice reading comprehension test; there is an answer key at the end of the passage.
Practice Reading Comprehension Passage This link takes you to an online reading comprehension test

Practice Exercises for English Classes

Practice ACT English Exercises (Houghton Mifflin) Offers a variety of practice tests that are scored online and can be emailed to the instructor. Site also includes links to other writing resources available online. (Added April 24, 2007)
List of Writing Lab Practice Exercisesfor English Classes This link will take you to a list of practice exercises for grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage.  All practice exercises are linked to answer keys, and some are interactive. There are currently over 40 different practice exercises available.
Additional Practice Exercises for English Classes The Additional Practice Exercises link will take you to a listing of 172 interactive quizzes that cover most of our Type I, Type II, and Type III errors. The site is maintained by Webster.Commnet.
Chomp Chomp  
Oxford University Press  
Purdue Owl  

What is Plagiarism?

Rutgers University

This site explains plagiarism, gives examples, and it even has a quiz you can take to be sure you understand plagiarism.

 Simon Fraser University Library Tutorial on plagiarism

This tutorial will define plagiarism and quiz you to make sure you understand the material.

Practice Exercises for Reading Classes

Writing Lab Practice Exercises for Reading Classes
Additional Practice Exercises for Reading Classes

Other Types of Writing

Writing about Film How to Take Notes in College Helpful links to MLA and APA
Regents' Testing Program Website(includes practice reading tests and a listing of essay topics) Roberts Library English Course Guide
(Includes an outline of a research paper and how to find the right sources for research papers)  (New!)
Grammar Girl (includes clear answers to many common grammar questions)


The Exemplar

This link will lead you to sample student essays written by students at Dalton State.
Tributaries This link will take you to Dalton State's literary magazine.

Writing Lab Assistance Guidelines