Organizational Leadership, BS - Health Care Administration Concentration

Health Care Administration Concentration Program at Dalton State College

Online Program

The online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program focuses on the practices, theories, issues, parameters and specific ramifications of organizational leadership. This program is ideal not only for traditional students who wish to take advantage of online course delivery but also for working professionals, military members, transfer students and others seeking alternative routes to degree completion.

The Health Care Administration Concentration prepares you for a career as a health administrator through the study of leadership issues specific to the healthcare industry. Health administrators may find employment in hospitals, long term care facilities, medical practices, outpatient centers, government agencies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and many more.

Career Opportunities:

  • Office/Lab/Test Facility Manager
  • Clinic/Dental Office Administrator
  • Facility Operations/Project Manager
  • Government Policy Maker/Lobbyist
  • Hospital Chief Financial Officer
  • Hospital Department/Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Insurance Company Analyst/Contract Negotiator
  • Health Care Staffing Agency Manager
  • Medical Office Business Manager
  • Nursing Home Administrator

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