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Business Research Guide –

These elements often included on the company website, in the annual report, or on other websites will help you learn more about your potential employer’s company culture:

Mission, Values, Culture   Key players
Career DevelopmentSkills & Experience Valued
History of the company Financial Health
News & Recent EventsProducts & Services

Business Source Complete (Business Searching Interface)

Use Business Source Complete database to locate industry profiles, market research reports, SWOT analysis, and articles from business journals.

Library Web Page >  GALILEO > Databases by subject, type or name > Business Source Complete

1. To research a company, click on the Company Information or Company Profile link.

2. Enter the name of your company and select the type of report.

3. Find the history, key employees, products and services, NAICS, as well as competitors, financials, SWOT analysis and industry reports.


Library Web Page >   GALILEO > Databases by subject, type or name > IBISWorld

  1. Under Industry Research link, scroll down and select US Industry iExpert Summaries.
  2. Select from one of the industry categories to see a full report for your selected industry.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the report for role-specific questions to ask during an interview.

Each report includes:

  • External Impacts Questions
  • Internal Issues Questions

Occupational Outlook Handbook –

  1. In the Occupation Groups box on the main page, select Business and Financial Occupations
  2. You’ll see a brief job summary, educational requirements for an entry-level position, and median pay.
  3. Select the link for your chosen occupation for more detail.
  4. The ‘More Info’ tab will provide links to professional associations

Career One Stop –

Some questions to ask:

  • I saw on the company website that X is one of the core values of the business. How would you say this position demonstrates that value?
  • I know that the company’s overall mission is X. But can you share some of the company’s short and long-term goals with me? What part would I play in helping the business achieve those goals?
  • I see that X is important to your company. How would you say that team leaders set employees up for success in that area? 
  • I know the company has a strong culture of X. How do you feel your team exemplifies that culture?
  • What are the company’s current priorities?
  • How does it innovate in the industry — by maintaining cutting edge products, cutting costs, or other means?
  • Would you describe the ideal candidate for this position?
  • What are some of the problems your company faces right now, and what is your department doing to solve them?
  • What makes people stay at this company?
  • How do you help your team grow professionally?
  • Can you give me an example of how I would collaborate with my manager?