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The following information generally applies to exams offered and proctored by the Dalton State Testing Center. For information about specific exams, please see below. If the exam you require is offered by an outside agency or testing company, please visit their website for specific information and policy.

College-Level Course placement

Dalton State Admissions uses the following College-Level Course Placement exams to place incoming or returning students in first-year courses based on their scores.



Credit-by-exam is an alternative method for earning academic credit. Students who have competencies or skills equivalent ot those required for the completion of courses offered by Dalton State may receive course credit through a "credit-by-examination" test. In skill and vocational areas, such levels of proficiency often result from work experiences or previous training. In academic areas, competencies may result from independent study, rigorous high school preparation, or exceptional intellectual ability. Course credit can only be earned through credit-by-examination by currently enrolled Dalton State students. Check the Credit-by-Examination Policy tab below for more information.





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professional certifications


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