General information

The following information generally applies to exams offered and proctored by the Dalton State Testing Center. For information about specific exams, please see below. If the exam you require is offered by an outside agency or testing company, please visit their website for specific information and policy.

College-Level Course placement

Dalton State Admissions uses the following College-Level Course Placement exams to place incoming or returning students in first-year courses based on their scores.



Credit-by-exam is an alternative method for earning academic credit. Students who have competencies or skills equivalent ot those required for the completion of courses offered by Dalton State may receive course credit through a "credit-by-examination" test. In skill and vocational areas, such levels of proficiency often result from work experiences or previous training. In academic areas, competencies may result from independent study, rigorous high school preparation, or exceptional intellectual ability. Course credit can only be earned through credit-by-examination by currently enrolled Dalton State students. Check the Credit-by-Examination Policy tab below for more information.



General Information

A  CLEP is a credit-by-examination offered by College Board. CLEP exams measure the competencies or skills equivalent to those required for the completion of college-level courses. Passing a CLEP can allow a student to receive credit for an entire course. Check your institution’s credit-by-exam policy before taking a CLEP exam.


Policy Information

The following policies govern all credit-by-examination at Dalton State:

  1. Credit is awarded only to students admitted to Dalton State and is officially recorded only for those who enroll for credit courses.
  2. Credit-by-examination is awarded only for courses offered by Dalton State.
  3. A student may not take a proficiency examination if the student has previously enrolled in the course, or the student is currently enrolled in the course.
  4. Credit is not awarded if a comparable course has been completed at Dalton State. Conversely, previously awarded credit-by-examination is forfeited by completing a comparable course at Dalton State.
  5. Credit-by-examination is an award of semester credit hours but carries no letter grade or quality points.
  6.  A student may take the proficiency examination for a course only once in a 90 day period.


CLEP Credit Information


CLEP Credit for Dalton State Courses

CLEP Test                           Dalton State Course             Minimum Passing Score        Credit Hours Awarded     

 Financial Accounting                                ACCT 2101 ACCT 2102                                    55                                                                         6

College Composition w/Essay               ENGL 1101                                                          50 w/ passing Essay                                     3

English Literature                                       ENGL 2120                                                           55                                                                         3

 American Literature                                 ENGL 2131                                                            55                                                                        3

 French                                                            FREN 1002                                                            50                                                                        3

                                                                          FREN 1002, 2001,2002                                      65                                                                        9

 Spanish                                                        SPAN 1002                                                             50                                                                         3

                                                                          SPAN 1002, 2001, 2002                                     65                                                                        9

 Algebra                                                          MATH 1111                                                           50                                                                         3

 Precalculus                                                  MATH 1113                                                           50                                                                         3

Calculus                                                         MATH 2253                                                          50                                                                          4           

Biology                                                          BIOL 1107, 1108                                                 50                                                                          8 

 Chemistry                                                    CHEM 1211                                                          50                                                                          4

 Western Civilization I                              HIST 1111                                                            50                                                                           3

 Western Civilization II                             HIST 1112                                                            50                                                                           3

 History of the United States I              HIST 2111                                                            50 *                                                                        3

 History of the United States II             HIST 2112                                                           50*                                                                          3

American Government                           POLS 1101                                                          50*                                                                           3

Introduction to Psychology                 PSYC 1101                                                           50                                                                             3

 Human Growth & Development       PSYC 2103                                                          50                                                                              3

Introduction to Sociology                    SOCI 1101                                                           50                                                                             3


*Students receiving CLEP for American Government and /or History of the United States must validate proficiency of legislative requirements by passing an exemption exam. A passing score on the CLEP examinations in American Government and History of the United States I and II does not include credit for the student's having satisfied the Georgia history requirement or the Georgia constitution requirement.



To prepare for a CLEP exam, visit https://modernstates.org. Modern States provides a series of free, online CLEP preparation courses.


 On the day of your CLEP exam, please bring a  valid, government issued photo ID, such as a license or passport, and a CLEP test ticket issued by College Board. You must purchase the ticket before scheduling your appointment.



There are two fees associated with the CLEP exam: an $89.00 exam fee and a $28.50 proctor fee.

A $93.00 exam fee is paid to College Board prior to scheduling to take your exam in the Testing Center. You must visit the College Board website and create an account in order to purchase a CLEP exam ticket.

A $28.50 proctor fee must be paid through the Dalton State Testing Center website at the time of scheduling. The $28.50 proctor fee is nonrefundable. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time for check-in.


Click here to create your College Board CLEP account to purchase your CLEP ticket prior to scheduling your exam with Dalton State.

Click here to schedule your appointment for the CLEP Exam at the Dalton State Testing Center. Select Other Proctored Exams > CLEP.



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