STEM Programs at Dalton State College

The School of Science, Technology and Mathematics offers high quality baccalaureate programs in BiologyChemistryMathematicsEnvironmental and Sustainability StudiesTechnology Management, and more, with options including a concentration in Actuarial Science and secondary teacher certification options in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. In addition to the excellent baccalaureate programs, the School also offers associate degrees or pathways in high demand fields such as computer science, computer networking, and physics/pre-engineering (REPP).

Why Choose STEM at Dalton State?

There are countless reasons to join the School of Science, Tech, and Math at Dalton State. Click below to learn more about how you can join our family of explorers.

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Math & Science Learning Center

We understand college can be challenging; any worthwhile educational endeavor is, that’s why the Math Lab and Science Learning Center exists.

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Statement of Purpose

The School of Sciences and Mathematics is committed to providing high quality general education programs in the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, physical education, and engineering as well as high quality baccalaureate programs in biology and mathematics, each with an option for secondary certification. The courses taught by the faculty support the certificate, associate, and baccalaureate programs offered at Dalton State College. Courses within the school are designed to instruct students in effective use of the scientific method, mathematical analysis, and computer technologies, and to provide students with knowledge required to succeed in educational, scientific, medicinal or technical fields.


Life Science

Enjoy a world-class education participating in unique opportunities exploring the world of living things.

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Physical Sciences

Take an exciting path that will allow you to complete a program such as chemistry, physics or sustainability.

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Technology and Math

Numbers, algorithms, and equations galore! Dive deeper into problem solving, mathematics and technology.

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