Department of Communication, Performing Arts and Foreign Language

The degrees offered prepare students for diverse post-graduation opportunities, including careers in business, nonprofit organizations, mass media, film industry, or further education in graduate school.

STEM Departments at Dalton State

The School of Science, Technology and Mathematics offers high quality baccalaureate programs in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Technology Management and more.

Department of English

Develop your interest in literature and culture. Learn more about the various disciplines of writing, research and more.

Surveys the history of the United States, British empire, traditional and modern China, Europe in middle ages, and special topics in world history.

Department of Social Sciences and History

The Department of Social Sciences focuses on several academic areas that are critical to answering those and many other questions. Included in the department are the areas of political science, philosophy, criminal justice, sociology, and psychology.

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The Department of Music at Dalton State is a vibrant community where students explore their passion for music through diverse programs and experiences. Our dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and dynamic curriculum provide a comprehensive education in music theory, performance, and appreciation.

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The Department of Theatre at Dalton State is your stage for artistic exploration and storytelling. Led by a talented faculty, our programs immerse students in the world of dramatic arts, offering a rich curriculum in performance, production, and theatrical studies.

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