“Your Best Self” programs are available through campus recreation to help you with your wellness. The programs/classes are designed to cover wellness components, specifically the physical component (overall care of your body to live a healthy life). The “Your Best Self” programs/classes aim to guide you on your wellness journey to a lifestyle change of healthier behaviors. Changing behaviors is never an easy task so let campus recreation help you on your journey. Learn how to change your unhealthy behaviors and form new healthy habits to lose weight, increase energy, manage stress, organize your life and more!

Wellness focuses on the mind, body, and spirit by balancing the components of wellness.

Wellness Coaching:

Wellness is the foundation to one’s health. If you are practicing good wellness habits, then you are more likely to be healthier and have a healthier well-being. Your wellness journey changes as you move along in life. Everyone’s journey is different, but many times we face the same barriers. Sometimes we have success getting over those barriers, while other times the barrier just seems too big. Wellness coaching’s purpose it to help you get over those barriers and feel more confident in being successful each time one pops up. If you feel like you could use some advice, tips, and techniques to help you move forward with your wellness, then make an appointment today.

  • By appointment only: Email Garrett Burgner at [email protected] via your DSC email.
  • Pick a topic: Managing your stress, Get a food check (healthy vs unhealthy), Trouble with your time, Anything fitness
Break-out Wednesday’s!: 

Take a break from the office, the classroom, from studying, and from deadlines on the library patio for some light stretching and exercises to get the blood flowing, relieve tension and stress from the morning bringing a more focused and energized you for the afternoon sprint.

  • No need to change clothes but have comfortable shoes
  • Wednesday’s at 12:30 on library patio

Check out the “fitness classes” programs page for fitness classes and mind & body classes.

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