Application Requirements for Admission to BSW Program Upper Division

General Information:

To apply to the BSW program, you must first be admitted to Dalton State College. Upon admission to DSC, you should declare Social Work as your major so you will be assigned an advisor with the program. If you are currently a DSC student and are changing your major, please make certain you contact the BSW Program Director as soon as possible in order to ensure you are properly advised and enrolled in the required prerequisite lower division courses.

Admission to the BSW program is selective. Each applicant’s qualifications, including his or her GPA, performance in lower division courses, recommendations and essays will be reviewed when considering the applicant for admission to the BSW program.

The BSW program admits a new cohort each spring for fall courses. Students cannot enter the cohort during any other semester. The admissions process opens in February of each year. Early admissions decisions are made in March and April with final admissions made in May. Late admissions may be available as late as August prior to the beginning of fall semester if space is available in the cohort.

Regular admission may be awarded upon successful completion of all lower division requirements. Provisional admission may be awarded for one semester to students who are enrolled in the final required courses of the BSW lower division. All lower division coursework must be completed prior to commencement of upper division coursework.

The following requirements must be met for regular admission to the BSW program:

1. Completion of all BSW lower division requirements at DSC or the equivalent at another institution.

2. A grade of “B” or higher in all lower division social work courses (SOWK 2101, 2102, 2103 and 2104). (Effective fall 2021)

3. An overall GPA of 2.5

4. Completion of all individual volunteer service hours in SoWk 2103.

5. Completion of a background check as a part of SoWk 2103. (Effective fall 2021)

To apply for admission to the Upper Division students must:

1. Meet with your social work advisor to obtain the admissions packet and to verify successful completion of the lower division course of study.

2. Complete the admissions application.

3. Provide two letters of reference. This will include one professor recommendation (on the required form) and one letter of recommendation from a non-family member (employer is preferred).

4. Completion of the Social Work Code of Ethics quiz with a grade of 80%.

5. Completion of all portions of the application packet including:

  • Acknowledgement of BSW fees
  • Acknowledgement of BSW mandatory training dates
  • Acknowledgement of BSW Field Education requirement
  • Completion of the Assessment of Professional Behaviors

If requested, applicants may meet with the Admissions Committee for a pre-admission interview.

Additional Information:

Students may elect to follow a two-year plan or a three-year plan for completing Upper Division courses (60 semester hours). Courses have been arranged in a sequential manner so that new learning builds on previous learning. Students should exercise care when registering for courses and be certain that they are following their approved program of study.

Transfer Student

The BSW Program welcomes transfer students. Students who are interested in transferring to DSC to complete the BSW should contact the Social Work Department to obtain additional information and to discuss their particular situations.


For questions regarding the application process, students should see their BSW Advisor or contact the BSW Program Director at [email protected].