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Caleb Watkins Headshot

Caleb Watkins

Assistant Professor of Economics Wright School of Business

Faculty Qualifications

Primary Teaching Area: Finance and Applied Economics
Rank: Assistant Professor, Tenure-track
Date of Initial Hire: August 2020
5-Year Review Period: 2019-2024
Qualification Status: Additional

Academic Degrees:
Ph.D. Economics, Middle Tennessee State University, 2017
M.A. Economics, Middle Tennessee State University, 2014
B.S. Mathematics, Middle Tennessee State University, 2013

Rationale for Classification:
2 PRJ’s and 0 OICs.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (published or accepted):

1. Ryle, P., D’Itri. M., & Watkins, C.S. (July 2024). Unchaining the Value of College Savings through 529-Roth Conversions. The Tax Advisor, ahead of publication. (AIS)

2. Culp, R., McKnight, M., Watkins, C., & Ryle, P. (2024). Impact of Steady Predictable Inflation on Equity Holder Returns and Potential Losses. Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research, 19(2), 2-22. (AIS)

Other Intellectual Contributions (OICs):