Faculty and Staff Directory

Patrick Ryle, JD, LLM, CPA, CMA, CIPP/US

Assistant Professor of Accounting Wright School of Business

Faculty Qualifications

Primary Teaching Area: Accounting and Finance & Applied Economics
Rank: Assistant Professor (applied for tenure and promotion for spring 2025)
Date of Initial Hire: January 2019
5-Year Review Period: 2019-2024
Qualification Status: SA

Academic Degrees:
Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, expected 2025
Masters Financial Planning, University of Georgia, 2024
PDBP Accounting & Finance SA Certification, University of Florida, 2018
M.B.A. University of Rhode Island, 2017
LL.M. Trial Advocacy Temple University School of Law, 2007
Masters Public Administration, Harvard University, 2005
LL.M. Taxation, Boston University School of Law, 2004
J.D. Northeastern University School of Law,1995
B.S. Double Major in Accounting & Finance, University of Massachusetts Boston, 1992

Rationale for Classification:
16 PRJs and 1 OIC

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (published or accepted):

1. Hyatt, K.E., Ryle, P.M., and McKnight, M. (2024). Semiconductor Production, Geopolitics, and the CHIPS ACT of 2022: A theoretical analysis. Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance, accepted, ahead of publication. (AIS)

2. Ryle, P., D’Itri. M., & Watkins, C.S. (July 2024). Unchaining the Value of College Savings through 529-Roth Conversions. The Tax Advisor, ahead of publication. (AIS)

3. McKnight, M. A., Bueltel, B.L., Ryle, P., D’Itri, M., and Koch, C. (July 2024). Reexamine the Secure Act 2.0 For 2024: Previous, Current, and Future Considerations. Journal of Financial Planning, ahead of publication. (AIS)

4. Culp, R., McKnight, M., Watkins, C., & Ryle, P. (2024). Impact of Steady Predictable Inflation on Equity Holder Returns and Potential Losses. Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research, 19(2), 2-22. (BDS)

5. Ryles, P. M., Hyatt, K. E., & Bueltel, B. L. (2023). An American Act with Global Implications: The U.S. CHIPS ACT of 2022 Transforms International Semiconductor Landscape. Journal of International Taxation, 34(1), 50-59. (AIS)

6. Ryles, P. M., Hyatt, K. E., & Bueltel, B. (2023). Tax Consequences Associated with the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Advanced Manufacturing Investment Credit (AMIC). Journal of Taxation, 138(3), 3-10. (AIS)

7. Ryles, P., Koch, C., Bueltel, B., & McKnight, M. (2023) How Settlement Payments Affect an Estate Tax Return. Tax Notes, 179(3), 425-429. (AIS)

8. Ryle, P., Bueltel, B., Beckman, J., & McKnight, M. (2023). Tax, Financial & Social and Governance: Reporting Concerns of Sexual Harassment Non-Disclosure Clauses. Business Perspectives and Research. https://doi.org/10.1177/22785337221149814. (AIS)

9. Ryle, P., Hicks, R., & Culp, R. (2022). On Hiring a CISO: Changes to Gramm-Leach-Bliley’s ‘Safeguards Rule’ Mandate Hiring of a Qualified Individual to Manage Organizational Security. Proceedings of Journal of Accounting, Ethics & Public Policy, 23(2), 291-307 (AIS)

10. Ryle, P., Yan, J., & Gardiner, L. (2022). Gramm-Leach-Bliley gets a Systems Upgrade. EDPACS: The EDP Audit, Control, and Security Newsletter, 65(2), 6-17. (AIS)

11. Ryle, P., Assyad, A., Bartley, E., McKnight, M., & Bueltel, B. (2022). Countering Identity Theft and Strengthening Data Security Practices Across the Tax Preparer Community. The

Contemporary Tax Journal, 11(1), Article 3. (AIS)

12. Ryle, P., Bueltel, B., Beckman, J., & McKnight, M. (2021). Decoding Lessons from the Facebook Consent Decree: Does Sarbanes-Oxley Foreshadow the Future of Privacy Regulation? International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, 19(1), 1-10. (AIS)

13. Ryle, P., Soled, J., & Goodman, L. (2020). The Tax Consequences Associated with Data Breaches and Identity Theft. Journal of Accountancy, 230(4), 39-42. (AIS)

14. Ryle, P., Beultel, B., Walker, A. K., Gabrini, C., & McKnight, M. (2020). The Impact of the 2019 Facebook Court Order & CCPA 2020: Helping Businesses and Accountants Meet the Challenge of the New Era of Privacy Compliance. Journal of Accounting, Ethics & Public Policy, 21(2), 247-262. (AIS)

15. Soled, J.A., Goodman, L., & Ryle, P. (2020). Tax Consequences Associated with Reputation Enhancement Expenditures. Journal of Taxation, 133(6), 10-13. (BDS) 16. Ryle, P., Hope, A., Goodman, L., & Soled, J. (2020). Tax Consequences Associated with E-Gaming. Journal of Taxation, 132(1), 19-24. (AIS)

Other Intellectual Contributions (OICs):

1. Ryle, P. (2019). Book Review: Aleksandra Bal, Taxation, Virtual Currency and Block Chain, (Wolters Kluwer) reviewed in the Journal of American Taxation Association, 41(2), 125.