As you explore our department’s pages, you will see we include a variety of disciplines and degree programs. You will also discover we have an excellent and award-winning faculty with vast experience in teaching; theatrical, film, and musical performance and direction; broadcasting; and industry.

Our faculty are also accomplished scholars in foreign language, media studies, public speaking, intercultural communication, humor, music, college teaching and learning, and interpersonal communication. Best of all, we are committed instructors who bring a passion for our subject matter to students in and out of the classroom. Our faculty members lead many initiatives on campus and are recipients of every major faculty award at Dalton State.

So what does the Department of Communication, Performing Ars, and Foreign Language offer students? A great deal, and we welcome inquiries about how we can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Please see our offerings listed below.


Careers in Communication range from media relations to politics, corporate communication, public relations, marketing, writing, public health, and much more.  Check any list of What Employers Want in Employees and you will see that “strong communication skills” including teamwork, writing, critical thinking, public speaking, and creative problem-solving are high on the list. Graduates from our communication program are uniquely prepared in these areas as well as in intercultural competence, research, and interpersonal skills. Our Bachelor of Arts in Communication program includes concentrations in general communication studies, business and corporate communication, digital/social media, and film. Visit our Programs of Study page to learn more.


The department offers the Associate of Arts in General Studies degree with a pathway in Theatre. In this major, students take 18 hours of courses that include skills development in performance and stagecraft, involvement in our twice-yearly stage productions, and touring with our innovative Children’s Theatre program. Visit our Programs of Study page to learn more.


Students who wish to study film at Dalton State College have two exciting options.

Option 1: You may start by earning the Associate of Arts in General Studies with a Film Pathway degree, which requires 18 hours at the Georgia Film Academy in the Atlanta Metro Area. These 18 hours are in addition to 43 general studies core curriculum hours.

Option 2: You may choose to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a film concentration by completing 18 or more hours of credit at the Georgia Film Academy in the Atlanta Metro Area. Eighteen hours count toward the degree, in addition to 42 upper-division hours in communication and other required courses.

A course in screenwriting and video production are taught on campus. The Georgia Film Academy immerses students in the film industry with access to state-of-the-art equipment and classes taught by film professionals to create a career-focused learning experience. Visit our Programs of Study page to learn more.

Interdisciplinary Studies

We also oversee the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, which allows students to develop a liberal arts program that utilizes former and future credits to fit their career and educational goals. If you are an adult learner with past college credit, then the B. A. in Interdisciplinary Studies may be an excellent way for you to complete your degree and move forward in your education and profession. Visit our Programs of Study page to learn more.

For those pursuing other majors, we also offer core classes and electives in French and Spanish, communication, theatre, music, and art. We strongly believe all of these courses form the foundation of an excellent college education. Again, please contact us with questions you may have about our programs and classes.

Dr. Barbara Tucker, Chair
[email protected]