Effective environmental health and occupational safety performance is an important factor in our role here at DSC. We take this charge seriously. The Environmental Health, Occupational Safety and Risk Management office, working cooperatively with the entire campus community, strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors. One of our primary goals is to prevent and/or minimize injuries and illnesses through the recognition, evaluation and control of potential hazards arising from college activities.

What is our role?

We consult with various departments and groups concerning compliance with laws, regulations and policy regarding environmental health and safety. We assist with developing compliance strategies in several common areas: hazardous waste management, fire and life safety, biological safety, chemical hygiene, recycling, environmental compliance, and other relevant areas.

Services we provide:
  • Regulatory compliance and interpretation
  • Environmental management
  • Employee safety
  • Fire and life safety
  • Hazardous materials safety data sheets
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Right to Know Program
  • Employee safety training and department audits
  • Environmental and safety policy maintenance
Lab Safety:
General Workplace Instruction:

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