Regents’ Engineering Pathway Program

Dalton State is one of many institutions in the University System of Georgia approved to offer the Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program (REPP), formerly the Regent’s Engineering Transfer Program (RETP). This program allows Georgia residents interested in engineering careers to complete their first two years of college close to home and then earn an engineering degree from either Georgia Southern University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University or the University of Georgia.

Same Path, Lower Cost

This program is an excellent fit for students interested in saving money on tuition or simply staying close to home for the first few years of college. Students get the same engineering education path as the institutions they graduate from while significantly reducing tuition costs.
Collaborating with Diverse Universities

University Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of universities. These partnerships empower students with a wide range of educational options and resources.