Castle is an accomplished full-services certification and licensure testing company. We allow your stakeholders to excel in their profession through the development of competency-based testing, training, and high-stakes certification programs.


Castle’s certifications are recognized as benchmarks of excellence in various industries, providing individuals with a valuable credential for their professional advancement.

Test Preparation

You can explore sample tests by visiting the Castle Worldwide website. This will give you the opportunity to review and experience examples of the tests offered by Castle Worldwide.

Who is this exam for?

This exam is designed for individuals who are seeking certification in one of the many exams provided by Castle Worldwide. It serves as a step toward achieving certification in their chosen field or area of expertise offered by Castle Worldwide’s certification programs.

Items To Bring

Please refer to the confirmation email that was sent to you after you completed the registration process for your exam. This email contains important information or details related to your registration, and it is advisable to review it for any relevant instructions or updates.

Security Requirements

No specific security measures or prerequisites need to be met for this particular exam.

Where do I pay the fees?

Your proctor fee is including in the cost of the exam, therefore, you will not be required to pay an additional fee to take this exam.

When is this test offered?

Tests will be supervised and monitored during designated Testing Center hours, which may vary.