Commuter and Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

Meal plan overview

  1. There are three commuter meal plan options (Block 20, Block 35, Block 55).
  2. Meals cannot be carried into the next semester and are not refundable.
  3. Commuter Meal Plans are accepted during breakfast and lunch, Monday-Thursday only. Dinner and weekends are not included, but entry to these All-You-Care-to-Eat meal periods can be purchased with the Rage Bucks included in the meal plan.
  4. Meal plan holders will choose their meal from the entire menu.Items in the cafeteria have an assigned number of roadrunners. Each meal includes 5 roadrunners. Entrees are 3 roadrunners; sides are 1 roadrunner; and a 21 oz fountain drink is 1 roadrunner. Students can mix and match items up to 5 roadrunners in each meal swipe. Check the menu display in the cafeteria for specific details. 
  5. Meal plans are not transferable to others. Meal Plan holders may pay for guests with the Rage Bucks portion of their account or an additional swipe at checkout.
  6. Meals are not offered during certain breaks of the semester. Dining facilities will be closed for the thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, and other College holidays. Dining hours are subject to change due to school holidays and exam schedules.
  7. The Fall 2017 Commuter Meal Plan begins on Monday, August 14, 2017 and ends Friday, December 8, 2017. Spring 2018 Commuter Meal Plans begin on Monday, January 8, 2018 and end on Monday, May 7, 2018.


Commuter meal plans are accepted during breakfast and lunch, Monday through Thursday only.

The Block 20 Meal Plan allows up to 20 meals per semester and provides $25 in Rage Bucks.

The Block 35 Meal Plan allows up to 35 meals per semester and provides $35 in Rage Bucks.

The Block 55 Meal Plan allows up to 55 meals per semester and provides $50 in Rage Bucks. 

meal plan payment

Meal Plan payments must be made before any meal plan is activated. Payments may be made by visiting the Campus Services Office, located in Pope 121. Campus services accepts payments of cash, check, or Roadrunner Cash only. To deposit money onto your Roadrunner Cash account using a Debit or Credit Card, please visit the eAccounts webpage.


  1. Rage Bucks begin the first day of class and end the last day of exams.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff can use Rage Bucks at either the Roadrunner Café (Pope Student Center) or Rage Café (Peeples Hall).
  3. Unused Rage Bucks will carry over from Fall to Spring. Unused dollars are transferred to Roadrunner Cash at the end of Spring semester.
  4. Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for monitoring their own account balances and for all purchases made with Rage Bucks. Balances are listed at the bottom of receipts or can be checked by visiting the Campus Services Office.
  5. All purchases on the Rage Bucks accounts are final.
  6. If you have used all the Rage Bucks, you can deposit money into the Roadrunner Cash account, which will also work in both dining locations.

carry-out policy

Carry out is available to you during breakfast and lunch. When entering the facility, you must indicate you want your meal to-go to the server. The carry-out box must be fully closed when leaving (lid and base are not to be filled separately). A small carry-out fee of $0.25 will be assessed at check out for carry-out containers.

roadrunner card

  1. Meal Plans and Rage Bucks are accessed with the Roadrunner Card and are subject to all of the policies and procedures of the Campus Services Office.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for their Roadrunner Card and all charges made to their accounts. If a card is lost or stolen, it must be immediately reported to the Campus Services Office or via the web at eAccounts. All transactions, including Meal Plan and Rage Bucks purchases made on a missing Roadrunner Card not reported as lost or stolen, are the responsibility of the student owning the card.
  3. The Roadrunner Card is the property of Dalton State College and is not transferable. Unauthorized use of your Roadrunner Card, use by a party other than the person identified on the card, and/or tampering with or altering the card may result in confiscation of the card and possible disciplinary action against the student by the College.

dining hall policies

  1. Dining Hall Behavior: The community nature of a college dining hall is unique. Unlike any other eating situation, elements of both a home atmosphere and a restaurant dining environment are present. Students, faculty, and staff must respect the rights of, and cooperate with, other diners in maintaining a clean and pleasant environment. We ask your cooperation in keeping the dining hall atmosphere one that everyone can enjoy.
  2. Dining Hall Attire: Casual, comfortable attire may be worn at all regular meals served in College dining facilities. Shirts and shoes are required in all Dining Services locations.
  3. No pets are permitted in any Dining Services location.

contact information

Dining Services may be contacted electronically at

Director of Campus Services: David Lesicko – 706-272-2012
Assistant Director of Campus Services: Brittnie Sell - 706-272-2982
General Manager – Dining Operations: Tony Klien – 706-272-4441