Residential Meal Plans


2017- 2018 Residential Meal Plan Rates

Residential Meal Plans are specially crafted to fit the needs of students living in Mashburn Hall, however any student, faculty, or staff is welcome to purchase one.

Fall 2018 Residential Meal Plans begin on Friday, August 11th 8and end on Friday, December 8th.


*Required plan option


*Required plan option

Roadrunner MEAL PLAN

*Optional upgraded plan

$1,559 per semester

$1,559 per semester

$1,652 per semester

12 meals per week

15 meals per week

19 meals per week

$100 in Rage Bucks

$75 in Rage Bucks

$50 in Rage Bucks

What is considered a Meal?

Items in the cafeteria have an assigned number of roadrunners. Each meal includes 5 roadrunners. Entrees are 3 roadrunners; sides are 1 roadrunner; and a 21 oz fountain drink is 1 roadrunner. Students can mix and match items up to 5 roadrunners in each meal swipe. Check the menu display in the cafeteria for specific details. 

What are Rage Bucks?

Rage Bucks is additional money that can be used in the Roadrunner Cafe or Rage Cafe, when you do not want to use a full meal or when you want to buy additional items with your meal.