Student Health Services

Picture of a nurse doing a check up on a student.

 COVID-19 Screening and Testing Resources

Student Screening and Reporting

Students are asked to complete a daily COVID-19 Symptom Student Self-Screen before coming to campus. 

Are you experiencing any of the COVID-19 related symptoms noted in the above self screen?
Are you living with or caring for an individual who is suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19?
Have you been in direct or close contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
Have you been tested and are awaiting results or tested positive for COVID?
Have you been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a medical professional or a local public health official?

If yes, please complete the COVID-19 Student Health Reporting Form.

Free COVID-19 Testing In North Georgia

Free COVID 19 testing is available in North Georgia through North Georgia Health District and CVS Pharmacy. Both sites require an appointment.  Appointments will be scheduled at the testing site nearest to you. 
  • To schedule an appointment through North Georgia Health District at Edwards Park in Whitfield County, register at Mako Testing .
  • To schedule an appointment through CVS Pharmacy, register at .


Sick? Need an Appointment?


To limit the spread of contagious disease, patients are seen by appointment ONLY. 

To schedule an appointment call 706.272.2532.

Limiting the spread of contagious respiratory illness on campus is a primary goal of the staff of the Ken White Student Health Center. Changes to the delivery of services have been made with thoughtful consideration to protect our students and our campus from unnecessary exposure to contagious illnesses while delivering essential health services.  

To provide for the safety of our patients, the following procedures will be followed during Fall Semester:

  • We will see patients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 

  • Please call 706-272-2532 to schedule an appointment.  You must have an appointment to enter the health center.

  • All patients will be pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms by telephone before scheduling an appointment.

  • Patients needing COVID-19 testing will be referred to a local testing facility.

  • Telehealth  appointments will be encouraged.


Prior to your first visit  to the Ken White Student Health Center,  you can log in to the health center portal below to complete required consent forms and make your check-in process inside the health center more efficient.  




Students under the age of 18 must have parental consent to be seen in the clinic. The Patient Agreement for Minors form must be completed and signed prior to your visit.

The Patient Agreement for Minors form can be accessed here.


Dalton State College offers free, quality health services to currently enrolled students.  Our services focus on those illnesses and injuries common to most college students.  See the list below.  If you have a question about other services, please call us. 

Through these services, we will assist students in developing and maintaining good health and well-being necessary for success in college and beyond. The mission of the Student Health Center is to provide quality care in time of sickness and injury and to promote wellness through health education and activities designed to help students maintain healthy lifestyles. We promote a long-term commitment to health and overall well-being by utilizing local and on-campus resources.

Screening: Common Illnesses

The Health Center provides diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses, including:

  • Asthma
  • Upper Respiratory Infection
  • Strep Throat
  • Influenza
  • Mononucleosis
  • Sinusitis
  • Ear Infection
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Eyelid Stye
  • Stomach Virus/Nausea
  • Acid Reflux
  • Urinary Tract Infection (Females)
  • Oral Fever Blisters
  • Toothache



Your medical records and all discussions with student health services are confidential. Records are only released with your written consent unless required by law.

Do you have a medical or other health related question that you would like to ask anonymously?  Then Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice! provides readers with reliable and accurate information  about alcohol & other drugs, emotional health, nutrition & physical activity, general health, relationships, and sexual & reproductive health  to help you make responsible decisions regarding your health and well-being. 


The clinic is staffed by:

  • Clinical Director
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Medical Assistant

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced nursing degrees and clinical expertise. Nurse practitioners provide care through practice guidelines and have a consulting physician available at all times.

How to Find Us On CampuS

Student Health Services and Counseling are located in the Health Professions Building, Suite 266.

Finding the Student Health Services center could be challenging if you’ve never visited the Health Professions Building. Signage has been placed throughout the building to help you navigate. When entering the building from George Rice Dr. (Public Safety Entrance), follow the signs to Student Health Services located on the second floor of the Health Professions building at the bottom of the outside stairwell.