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Our office remains committed to supporting student wellbeing and resilience. Based on recommendations to limit personal contact, our office is implementing the following temporary changes.  Our office will work in a remote capacity for the remainder of the Spring semester. Please note that the provision of counseling services is regulated by each state; thus, if you do not reside in Georgia or Tennessee we will discuss what your state permits us to provide for you.


All students, faculty and staff experiencing mental health emergencies should contact emergency services when Dalton State counselors are not in the office. Mental health emergencies include, but are not limited to: suicidal thoughts or plans to end your life, thoughts of harming others, psychotic episodes (e.g., hallucinations, delusions), sexual assault and others.

Emergency Services Contact Information

Current Clients:

The DSC Counseling Center will continue to offer high quality, patient-centered services as we are able. Current clients are being offered the following options:

1) Clients will be encouraged to transition their appointment to telecounseling for the remainder of the semester, as long as they are still within the state of GA or Tennessee.

2) If the client is not interested in continuing counseling via telecounseling with the DSC Counseling Center or is now residing outside of Georgia or Tennessee, referral resources can be provided.


Potential Clients:

At this time, if you would like to seek counseling services and are not in a crisis you are welcome to fill out the PHONE CONSULTATION REQUEST form at Our therapists will help determine the best course of action for your specific situation which could include becoming a client at the DSC Counseling Center or referral to a therapist in your area that may specialize in the concerns you share. Should you be referred, local providers are available to support you whether you have insurance or not.  Voicemail is being checked remotely and a therapist will get back with you within the next business day should you choose to call us at 706.272.4430. Students may also find a database of providers via your individual insurance carrier,,, and teletherapy at Disclaimer: Phone calls from therapists will be coming from a BLOCKED or PRIVATE NUMBER that will not identify as the Dalton State College Counseling Center.

You may also contact the following to be referred to community providers:

  • Georgia Crisis and Access Line (24/7/365): 800-715-4225
  • Tennessee Helpline (M - F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST): 800-560-5767

Additional Resources Outside DSC:

Optum Support Line: To support students who may be experiencing anxiety or stress, UHCSR is offering an Emotional-Support Help Line, through Optum, providing access to specially trained mental health specialists. Optum’s toll-free help line number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as necessary. The service is free of charge to all students.

Behavioral Health Visits:

  • Students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance program have access to licensed therapists and psychologists at no charge at
  • Students not enrolled in the SHIP program have access to licensed therapists and psychologists through for a monthly charge of $180.

Uninsured Students:

  • Highland Rivers Health (located across the state of GA): 1-800-729-5700
  • GA Hope (located across the state of GA): (706) 279-0405



The mission of the Dalton State Counseling Center is to support individual students and the campus community in a holistic manner. We are committed to promoting intellectual, emotional, occupational, social, cultural, moral and professional growth and development. Central to our mission and daily practice is a commitment to confidentiality, upholding ethical behavior and providing counseling based on current research and proven standards. We also hold a strong commitment to social justice through creating awareness and action in our campus community and beyond. We strive to be a welcoming, affirming and safe space for ALL of our students. No matter where you are from, who you worship or who you love - if you need to talk, we are here for you.


Counseling Services

If you are looking for help or personal growth outside the classroom, then counseling may be for you. Our services are free and open to all currently enrolled students. See for yourself.

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Outreach Services

We may have offices, but we want to connect with our campus community. Mental health effects every aspect of our daily lives. That means we have a responsibility to get out and talk about it.

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How to Reach Us

Location: Health Professions 266
Phone: 706-272-4430
Fax: 706-272-2162

Emergency? Take Action Now!
DSC Public Safety: 706-272-4461
Georgia Crisis & Access Line (GCAL): 1-800-715-4225
Tennessee Crisis Phone Line: 1-855-274-7471
…or Dial 911

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