Getting Started

Getting Started with eCore in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1 – Admission to Dalton State College

Please visit the Dalton State Admissions website and follow the Admission steps.  Once you are admitted to Dalton State, you will be eligible to register for eCore courses. Click HERE for admission information. 

Step 2 – Dalton State College and eCore Advisement

You can work with your regular advisor to sign up for eCore classes after completing the online introduction quiz.  If you have questions about eCore, please contact your eCore liaison, Holli Goodwin, at or 706-272-4561.

Step 3 - eCore Online Introduction and Quiz

Before you can register for an eCore course, you must first complete the eCore Online Introduction and quiz.
You will receive follow-up registration instructions:

Step 4 – Dalton State College Registration

Log into your Dalton State Banner account and register for your eCore courses. 

Step 5 – Watch for Your Welcome Letter 

The eCore welcome and registration letter contains login instructions and information on purchasing your textbooks.    Watch for this letter which will be emailed to your Dalton State email address beginning two weeks before classes start.  This letter contains information on how to login, how to purchase textbooks, how to get help, and other important course information.   It is important for you to try your login information BEFORE classes start, and that you make arrangements to have your course materials available BEFORE classes start.

First Day of Classes! 

It is VERY important that you log into your eCore courses on the FIRST DAY of class and make contact with your Instructor.  You are set to go!

For any questions, please feel free to call us at the eCore Help Line at 678-839-5300!