The C. Lamar and Ann Wright School of Business at Dalton State College offers undergraduate business programs to serve a diverse student population in Northwest Georgia and beyond  to positively contribute to our community  and to prepare leaders to reach their full potential. Our mission is to provide innovative educational opportunities and create high quality professionals with skills desired by employers . 



We seek to continuously improve our status as an academically respected and student-oriented school of business as an integral part of a first-choice destination campus.



  1. Responsible citizenship: We believe in making positive contributions to the area, its businesses, and the local community.
  2. Ethics: We believe in working in a manner that adheres to ethical norms of society, both in business and in local communities.
  3. Diversity: We encourage multi-cultural and international learning and experiences to develop an appreciation for diversity and social integration.
  4. Innovation and adaptation: We believe in continuous improvement and strive to develop new approaches and to enhance existing processes to meet changing market conditions.
  5. Engagement: We believe in effective engagement with the business and civic communities; locally, regionally, and globally.



  1. Improve student awareness of the global environment and business issues by increasing participation in study abroad, internships, and student activities.
  2. Encourage innovative instructional practices to improve student engagement and course learning outcomes.
  3. Review and update curriculum and degree offerings as evidenced by market demand.
  4. Promote faculty-initiated research with a balanced contribution to practice and pedagogy.
  5. Create, promote and disseminate research to people in the local economic area.
  6. Gauge the effectiveness of lower level business classes to promote continuous improvement.
  7. Endorse development and engagement of professional and support staff.
  8. Address the specific needs of students traditionally underserved, including Military, Hispanic, and first-generation college student populations.