Academic Affairs Overview


The mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is to provide guidance and support for diverse faculty, students, and staff in collaboration with other administrative offices to ensure that all stakeholders are achieving their most effective level of teaching, scholarship, and service.  Through the development and monitoring of innovative curriculum that engages students and faculty in activities both in the classroom and in the community, the Vice President for Academic Affairs works closely with the President and the President’s Administrative Cabinet to coordinate administrative functions and campus-wide decision making in fulfillment of the mission of the College.


Position or Title
Email Office Number Phone Number
(area code 706)
Chute, Pat
 Vice President for Academic Affairs
pchute 166 272-2491
Meyer, Andy
 Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
btucker 166 272-4421
Chadwick, Elizabeth
Administrative Assistant
echadwick 166 272-4420