Respiratory Therapy, BS

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy Program at Dalton State College

Online Program

The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy gives you training to deliver the hands-on care that helps people recover from a wide range of respiratory conditions. Whenever breathing is an issue, respiratory therapists are there. RTs work in hospitals giving breathing treatments to patients with respiratory conditions, intensive care units managing ventilators, emergency rooms delivering lifesaving treatments, newborn and pediatric units helping kids with conditions ranging from premature birth to cystic fibrosis, operating rooms working with anesthesiologists to monitor patients’ breathing during surgery, and patients’ homes providing regular checkups to help ensure patients have what they need in order to stay out of the hospital.

Career opportunities:

  • Registered Respiratory Therapist, RRT
  • Adult Critical Care Specialty, ACCS
  • Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist, RPFT
  • Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Specialist, NPS
  • Sleep Disorders Testing and Therapeutic Intervention Respiratory Care Specialist, SDS
  • Home Care RRT


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