Dalton State College is committed to excellence and believes it is vital to celebrate and honor a faculty member’s contributions and dedication to student achievement. The Dalton State College Foundation sponsors three Faculty Excellence Awards: Teaching, Scholarship & Professional Development, and Service. Each Department, or School in the case of no separate Departments, may nominate one faculty member for each award. Departments and Schools may determine their own internal selection process.


  • Each year a faculty member may be nominated for only one award (e.g., a faculty member cannot be a school’s or department’s nominee in more than one category).
  • A faculty member who has won an award in a given category is not eligible to be re-nominated for the same award for a period of seven years. For instance, if a faculty member won the teaching award in 2013, he or she would not be eligible for nomination of the same award until2021.
  • A faculty member may be re-nominated for the same award the following year if they did not win.
  • Nominees must have completed at least three years of service as a full-time faculty member at DSC and do not have to be tenure-track. Deans or chairs must verify years of service before the nomination is submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Deans and Chairs are not eligible for these awards

Faculty are nominated by their peers from each department, those nominated submit a packet of their supporting documents for the award they were nominated for, and the Deans send letters of recommendation and support for each nominee. The College administration then decides on those faculty members that will receive the awards. Each award comes with a cash prize.

The following list are winners from the Wright School of Business over the last five years.

Dr. Fernando Garcia, Associate Professor of Management –

· Excellence in Scholarship, 2020

· Excellence in Service, 2021

Dr. Kevin Yan, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems –

· Excellence in Scholarship, 2021