School of Liberal Arts

Dalton State College School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts is committed to providing excellent instruction within the broad areas of the humanities and social sciences that are the foundation of the core curriculum and that comprise the various majors within the Departments of Communication, English, History, and Social Sciences.  Liberal Arts faculty are dedicated to creating a positive and challenging learning environment that promotes student success and high levels of achievement along with much more.

Department of Communication


Our Department of Communication will prepare you for a successful career in fields such as public relations, media, film, and much more. Click below to learn more.

Department of English


Do you enjoy reading or writing and want to pursue a career in English? The Department of English will prepare you for excellence in your field. Click below to learn more.

Department of History


Our world has been shaped by history. If you're a history enthusiast and want to further your knowledge of the world around you, click below to learn more about the Department of History.

Department of Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Do you have questions about how society works or how one can make a difference? Do you want to know how our justice system work or why we have governments?  Click below to learn more about the Department of Social Sciences.

Promoting Student Success and Achievement

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