Welcome to the School of Liberal Arts at Dalton State College.

The School of Liberal Arts encompasses a wide array of disciplines from the Department of Communication, the Department of English, and the Department of Social Sciences. The School offers bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, English, history, and interdisciplinary studies; associate’s degrees in communication studies, criminal justice, digital design, general studies, political science, and psychology; and a certificate in digital design. In addition, the School offers course work in anthropology, art, geography, humanities, music, philosophy, sociology, and theatre.

Making up the majority of the core curriculum, our courses provide the foundation for future study and for lifelong learning. The School’s talented and creative faculty members are dedicated teachers, many of whom are also published scholars, researchers, poets, and writers. Whether sponsoring a campus organization, participating in intramural sports, volunteering in the Writing Lab, taking part in discussions offered by the Center for Academic Excellence, or participating in the DSC Literary Club, liberal arts faculty are committed to creating a positive learning environment that enriches the lives of our students and campus community.

Dr. Mary Nielsen, Dean