Mission Statement

The purpose of Radiologic Technology Program is to provide students with integrated learning experiences in theory and practice that will enable them to provide high quality images and patient care in keeping with the service excellence philosophy of Dalton State College. In the professional course providing these skills and experiences, students are expected to successfully complete national registry/certification examinations.

Program Student Learning Outcomes/Graduate Competencies: Graduate highly competent entry-
level radiographers who practice the following intended Student Learning Outcomes.

  1. Apply knowledge of the principles of radiation biology and protection for the patient, radiographers, and others.
  2. Apply knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, radiographic procedures, radiographic technique, instrumentation, equipment, and pathology to accurately demonstrate anatomical structures on a radiograph.
  3. Demonstrate at all times: ethical conduct and values, positive professional behavior, positive communication, and empathy towards their patient's needs.
  4. Exercise good judgment, common sense and critical thinking skills in the pursuit of quality radiographs and solving problems.
  5. Exercise confidentiality of patient records and information.
  6. Provide patient care essential to radiologic procedures.
  7. Recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate life saving first aid.
  8. Introduction to advanced or specialized imaging professions for those desiring advanced educational opportunities.
  9. Recognize the need to obtain further education in the pursuit of life-long learning.

Development and Revision of Mission, Goals, and Outcomes:

The program director and faculty will develop and review annually the program's
mission statement, goals, outcomes, and assessment procedures. Each of the
aforementioned will be reviewed by the Program Advisory Committee.